A quick reference to any questions

Where can I buy $SEGA?


What is the contract address?


How long is LP locked for?

It is locked until Jan the 31st 2024, which will then be due for extenstion


Can $SEGA be earned for free?

Yes, we will host events and competitions for which there is an allocation from the treasury to conduct free giveaways.

What chain will $SEGA be on?

$SEGA will launch on Ethereum

Do you plan on doing partnerships with other projects?

The marketing team will always look to form partnerships with like-minded communities for cross exposure. We have extremely valuable strategic partnerships formed with the development capcity across our utility.

How do I know it’s safe to invest in $SEGA? Has the contract been audited?

The contract address will be announced before the token is launched and an audit will be performed.

What game engine was used to build the game(s)?

The engine used for production is Unity.

Wen marketing?

Always, we are always pushing constantly to get as much exposure as possible. Alongside the roadmap for key milestones, constant announcements will be made to inform the community via Twitter/X and Telegram of upcoming events.

There is a private marketing group where proposals are reviewed and considered, you may receive an invitation to propose there - reach out to a moderator in the Sanic The Hedgehog telegram group.

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